It is critical that a school board be able to work together as a cohesive group, and I believe we need people with experience to help guide this process.

Over the past three years as a school board member I’ve been part of many initiatives that have helped or will help improve our district, including, hiring our new superintendent, the Great Outdoors Project, Legacy Planning, numerous contract negotiations, and three budget cycles.

I am a consensus-builder and someone who works hard to bring people with different perspectives together to solve problems or come to agreement on an issue.  We may not all ultimately vote the same way, but it is critical that we respect the different perspectives and experiences that each board member brings to the table.

My professional life has been committed to working in schools and communities on issues related to safety, teacher quality, and teacher training.  I have been very involved in the development, implementation, and/or evaluation of programs related to:

  • School and community safety
  • Bullying and sexual harassment
  • Student motivation
  • Innovation in teacher education

At SUNY/Empire State College, I train and support new teachers in the Capital Region and across the state.  My work in Teacher Education ensures that I know:

  • What teachers struggle with in their classrooms, and the supports they need
  • The wide range of approaches districts take to similar issues
  • Current educational policies and practices
  • The reality of the day to day operation of schools
  • The importance of recruiting, supporting and retaining excellent teachers.  

My additional community service includes:  

  • Lake Avenue Elementary School PTA member, Building Leadership Team (BLT) member, and chair of the BLT’s bullying prevention committee
  • Board Member, Friends of the Saratoga Springs Library
  • Member, UUP Task Force for Teacher Education
  • Member, New York State Master Teacher Program Selection
  • Big Brothers/Big Sisters Organization of the Capital Region: For the past four years, I’ve been a “Big Sister” to a 16-year-old girl. I have loved being a mentor and friend to a girl who has struggled with a lot of challenges, and I hope I have helped her to see her potential, and the opportunities before her despite the issues she faces.  She is often who I am thinking of when we talk at the board table about students who are slipping through the cracks, or how we can make sure all students have the opportunity to be successful and find their path.